Collection: Hunda snjógallar

You can pick out of 4 pictured designs. Also you get to pick the main color and accent color of your suit.
You can add attached boots or snood (or both), to your order

Boots are not sold separately they are attached to a suit that we custom make for each individual dog.

Small dog owners! Our smallest boot size is 2"- 5cm. If your dog has smaller paw there is a chance boots will not stay in place.

please contact for assistance with measuring and ordering.

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Regngallar    S: 19.200kr   M: 20.700kr   L: 23.500kr   XL: 25.700kr   XXL: 27800kr
Snjógallar        S: 22.000kr     M; 23.500kr    L: 26.300kr    XL: 28.500kr    XXL: 31.300kr
Áfastir skór allar stærðir  7.000kr
Áföst hetta allar stærðir  3.500kr

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